Dark Summer Shopping Guide

resort goth shopping guide

Summer can be a bummer when black is your favorite color. Black isn’t exactly the most comfy choice when the temperatures soar, and all that exposed skin threatens your perfectly pale complexion. But fear not, our dark summer shopping round up will help you cultivate the ultimate resort goth look while the rest of the world dons their colorful sundresses!

dark beach and resort fashion

1. Ab Lines 45 Black Beach Towel by Project M. 2. Crucia hat by Aldo. 3. ASOS Fabienne Studded Black Sandals. 4. AJ Morgan Round Metal Trim Sunglasses. 5. Funboy Inflatable Swan Pool Float. 6. Cleobella Mystic Dress. 7. Seafolly Double Dot Beach Tote Bag. 8. EiR Surf Mud + Zinc, perfect for protecting pale skin and dark hair!

The Haunted House: Dark Home Decor Picks

dark home decor items

Never underestimate the power of good home decor. Coming home to a living room or bedroom that’s an extension of your own personality can be comforting, soothing, and even revitalizing, especially after a long day.

One of my favorite items from my own home is this duvet cover designed by Sophy Tuttle. Affectionately referred to in our home as the “party crow,” the little guy on this duvet cover is just the right mix of creepy, funny and stylish. At KESS InHouse, you can buy her designs on all sorts of home decor items ranging from pillow cases to clocks.

Sophy Tuttle Kess InHouse raven duvet
Sophy Tuttle’s “Raven” duvet cover is available at KESS InHouse (and also adorns my own bed)

Pillows are a perfect way to add a touch of dark whimsy to any home, since they require little investment and can be swapped out easily. I’m currently in love with this one from Sovrin:

Sovrin pillow
Pillow by Sovrin

I’ve been a fan of all the great leggings that Sovrin designs, so I’m delighted to know that I can have their great designs dressing up my couch, too. I think this feline fellow from Black Craft Cult might be the purrrfect couch-mate (sorry, I had to do it…).

Black Craft Cult Lucifer Cat throw pillow
Black Craft Cult’s “Lucifer the Cat” throw pillow

When it came time to decorate my own home, I was delighted to find that dark-inspired wallpapers are everywhere these days. One of my favorites is this bat print from Flavor Paper:

Flavor Paper Elysian Fields bat wallpaper
Flavor Paper’s “Elysian Fields” wallpaper may look like a simple floral design at first, but there are some batty friends hiding in those plants…

Don’t be intimidated by wallpaper – if the idea of covering your walls top to bottom seems like too much, you don’t have to keep it confined to the walls! I used the Aleister print by Grow House Grow to makeover an extremely bland desk and file cabinet.

DIY desk makeover with Grow House Grow wallpaper
On the top left, an incredibly boring desk. On the bottom left, after its makeover. A matching file cabinet was an easy DIY project.

Have a favorite home decor shop (online or otherwise)? Share it in the comments below!

Menswear Monday Round-Up

dark menswear fashion

I’d love to say that Menswear Monday will be a weekly occurring post, but it’s so challenging to find good, dark-inspired menswear that a weekly post seems unlikely. And when I say “good” dark-inspired menswear, I mean men’s fashion that has a dark sophistication, with subtle touches of edgy, off-center influences. Trying to find gaudy, over-the-top gothic* men’s clothing is a snap. As is finding totally mainstream, vanilla menswear. That sweet spot in the middle? So. Challenging.

The UK site ASOS has been a bright spot in the search for dark-but-understated menswear, and fortunately for those of us in the States, they ship to the U.S. (and pretty quickly at that). In particular, they carry a lot of items from the UK brand Religion, which is hard to find in the U.S. The brand’s kneeling skeleton is a logo that I’d happily sport on my clothes.

Religion Merino Wool Crewneck Sweater from ASOS
Religion Merino Wool Crewneck Sweater from ASOS
Religion skull collar shirt on ASOS
Religion short-sleeve shirt with skull collar tips via ASOS

Updating the classic button down with gothic materials adds interest without creating a campy look, as with the skull collar tips on this Religion shirt or the faux leather on this shirt from Vito.

Vito via ASOS
Vito via ASOS

The addition of leather takes the basic black sport coat up a notch as well.

Lindberg leather sleeve black blazer
Lindbergh blazer from ASOS

Moving away from ASOS, River Island‘s menswear line is worth a look. The lines on this reverse lapel blazer give it just a hint of “The Count,” don’t you think?

River Island black reverse lapel men's blazer
River Island black reverse lapel men’s blazer

If you’re not on a budget, Alexander McQueen’s line is jam-packed with skull designs this season. The Prince of Wales tie would spice up any suit.

Alexander McQueen's skull Prince of Wales tie
Alexander McQueen’s skull patterned Prince of Wales tie

Do you have any favorite shops or sites for dark menswear? Please share them in the comments!

*No offense if that’s your thing. It’s just not Hunt + Haunt’s thing.

Our Friend Edmond: the Art of ibride

Several months back, I stumbled across Memento Mori in Los Angeles, a fantastic little shop full of dark curiosities, art and apparel. While browsing for quite a while (and furiously try to make up my mind on what to purchase, as my limited budget outweighed my desire to clean out the store of its merchandise), my eyes came across a striking gentleman…

This very well-dressed lemur is the creation of ibride, a French design studio that creates unique and slightly off kilter home decor. Edmond is from their line of wall trays. Memento Mori carried a few different designs, and it was incredible hard to choose a favorite. But Edmond ended up coming home with us and now graces my music studio.


ibride wall trays
Zhao the rabbit is another favorite from the collection. Note the carved pattern along the top and bottom of the tray that resembles a skull-lace pattern.

It’s not too hard to find ibride items online; Switch Modern carries several of their trays and other objects. To get really familiar with their collection, check out their site (bonus points if you speak French, because you won’t have to translate the page).

ibride art
The Lovebirds tray
ibride art
The Margot tray