The Haunted House: Dark Home Decor Picks

dark home decor items

Never underestimate the power of good home decor. Coming home to a living room or bedroom that’s an extension of your own personality can be comforting, soothing, and even revitalizing, especially after a long day.

One of my favorite items from my own home is this duvet cover designed by Sophy Tuttle. Affectionately referred to in our home as the “party crow,” the little guy on this duvet cover is just the right mix of creepy, funny and stylish. At KESS InHouse, you can buy her designs on all sorts of home decor items ranging from pillow cases to clocks.

Sophy Tuttle Kess InHouse raven duvet
Sophy Tuttle’s “Raven” duvet cover is available at KESS InHouse (and also adorns my own bed)

Pillows are a perfect way to add a touch of dark whimsy to any home, since they require little investment and can be swapped out easily. I’m currently in love with this one from Sovrin:

Sovrin pillow
Pillow by Sovrin

I’ve been a fan of all the great leggings that Sovrin designs, so I’m delighted to know that I can have their great designs dressing up my couch, too. I think this feline fellow from Black Craft Cult might be the purrrfect couch-mate (sorry, I had to do it…).

Black Craft Cult Lucifer Cat throw pillow
Black Craft Cult’s “Lucifer the Cat” throw pillow

When it came time to decorate my own home, I was delighted to find that dark-inspired wallpapers are everywhere these days. One of my favorites is this bat print from Flavor Paper:

Flavor Paper Elysian Fields bat wallpaper
Flavor Paper’s “Elysian Fields” wallpaper may look like a simple floral design at first, but there are some batty friends hiding in those plants…

Don’t be intimidated by wallpaper – if the idea of covering your walls top to bottom seems like too much, you don’t have to keep it confined to the walls! I used the Aleister print by Grow House Grow to makeover an extremely bland desk and file cabinet.

DIY desk makeover with Grow House Grow wallpaper
On the top left, an incredibly boring desk. On the bottom left, after its makeover. A matching file cabinet was an easy DIY project.

Have a favorite home decor shop (online or otherwise)? Share it in the comments below!