Edgar Allan Poe Museum – Richmond, Virginia

Edgar Allan Poe Museum

Tucked into an unassuming little stone house on East Main Street, the Edgar Allan Poe Museum is a delightful little hidden gem in Richmond, Virginia. Opened in 1922, the museum has gathered art and artifacts from Poe’s life and presented them in the many rooms of this charming old home.

Edgar Allan Poe Museum
The stone house holds the museum’s gift shop and one of the exhibit rooms.

Though Poe did live in Richmond for a period of his life, he never actually lived in this particular house. Sadly, as the museum staff can tell you, all of the original buildings that Poe and his family resided in have since been torn down.

The collection ranges from Poe’s childhood bed and articles of his clothing to daguerreotypes of relatives and artistic renderings of the author. While the main house may look small from the outside, several buildings encircling a garden all hold bits of the collection. In one building, you’ll find artwork inspired by Poe’s works, both contemporary and historical. On view when I visited recently were a series of drawings by James Carling, all of which depicted representations of Poe’s signature stories.

Edgar Allan Poe Museum
Poe’s likeness and his stories are captured and interpreted by various artists in the museum’s collections.

The garden is one of the loveliest features, with a fountain and blooming flower beds. Towards the back, you’ll find a shrine featuring a bust Poe. The garden can also be rented for weddings! I can just imagine a beautiful gothic-inspired ceremony being held in the presence of Poe’s statue…


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If you find yourself in the Richmond area, the museum is a must see for a bit of history and peek into the life of one of America’s most beloved gothic writers.

Tips For Visiting

  • Be on the lookout for the museum’s resident black cats, Edgar and Pluto!
  • The museum hosts a variety of fun events throughout the year (such as an “Unhappy Hour”), so be sure to check their calendar to see what will be happening during your visit.
  • Bring a little spending money for the gift shop, which has some great items like original art, Poe-themed apparel, and of course, lots of books.

Our Friend Edmond: the Art of ibride

Several months back, I stumbled across Memento Mori in Los Angeles, a fantastic little shop full of dark curiosities, art and apparel. While browsing for quite a while (and furiously try to make up my mind on what to purchase, as my limited budget outweighed my desire to clean out the store of its merchandise), my eyes came across a striking gentleman…

This very well-dressed lemur is the creation of ibride, a French design studio that creates unique and slightly off kilter home decor. Edmond is from their line of wall trays. Memento Mori carried a few different designs, and it was incredible hard to choose a favorite. But Edmond ended up coming home with us and now graces my music studio.


ibride wall trays
Zhao the rabbit is another favorite from the collection. Note the carved pattern along the top and bottom of the tray that resembles a skull-lace pattern.

It’s not too hard to find ibride items online; Switch Modern carries several of their trays and other objects. To get really familiar with their collection, check out their site (bonus points if you speak French, because you won’t have to translate the page).

ibride art
The Lovebirds tray
ibride art
The Margot tray


The Darker Side of Free People

It took me a while to fall in love with Free People. Initially, after seeing a few macrame tops and floral jumpsuits, I assumed it was a fashion line devoted to clothing the Coachella-bound. However, their black dresses can be downright witchy, in the most lovely ways.

Free People black lace dress
Wildest Dreams Lace Tunic – $128

If your local stockist is anything like mine, you’ll find the selection of black items in-store to be pretty lacking. A recent visit to their San Diego store turned up only one or two black items, with most of the inventory consisting of white and earth tones. But the clothing line’s website is full of delightfully dark items. Prices can range anywhere from $50 up to nearly $900, but keeping your eye on the sale section will pay off.

San Marcos Lace Maxi by Free People
San Marcos Lace Maxi – $290

Welcome to Hunt + Haunt

Living in southern California has its benefits. Mild weather, beautiful scenery, 24-hour taco shops. But finding stylish black apparel readily available in most clothing stores? Nearly impossible. Bars and hotels with a dark (but not campy) vibe? Not very many of those either. Home decor boutiques selling bat-themed damask wallpaper? Not so much.

Over the years, I’ve turned to the internet to seek out the best in fashion, decor, travel and art that embraces a dark, gothic-inspired aesthetic without being silly, campy or cartoonish. If you are drawn to all of these things like I am, hopefully my sharing this will save you hours of hunting the internet.

Welcome to my gloomy little corner of the internet!

Your proprietress,

Candice Renee